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Knowing The Past

It seems to me… It is increasingly apparent that technology is key to the future of our country. While it is not necessary to know the history of any technology in order to use that technology, it is necessary to … Continue reading

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Healthcare Reform

It seems to me… Regardless of what some newly elected public officials seem to believe, it is time for national healthcare. Our current approach to healthcare no longer is viable and is an obvious failure. While some consider national healthcare … Continue reading

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Predicting The Future

“The trouble with the future is that it isn’t what it used to be.” – Paul Varney, abt 1900. Toward the end of each year, the pundits emerge with their predictions of the future. This year, being the end of … Continue reading

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Global Warming

Anyone that still does not believe climate change is real is totally ignoring all confirmed scientific studies. Every study adds additional weight to the claim that the world is growing warmer. In a recent widely-distributed paper supposedly discrediting the concept … Continue reading

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Economics 101

Our country is in trouble. It is all too obvious to almost everyone that the recent economic downturn has affected us in a substantially manner. These changes are deep, serious and, unfortunately, mostly permanent. In the words of Bob Dylan, … Continue reading

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