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Gutenberg Globalization

It seems to me… Most of the discussion related to how best to reduce our current high unemployment rate always seems predicated on the assumption that it primarily resulted from the near-total collapse of the home mortgage market. While the … Continue reading

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Education and Employment

It seems to me… How many ways can it possibly need to be said before it starts to sink in? The economic stimulus was less successful than hoped because it addressed the wrong issues. Our political and economic leadership doesn’t … Continue reading

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It seems to me… There are many inconsiderate people in this world but does anyone else feel that smokers and pet owners qualify as some of the least considerate people we know? While smokers and pet owners also have rights, … Continue reading

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It seems to me… I find it difficult to understand just how many people profess to not believe in evolution. What kind of ignorant iconoclast has their head up you know where that they reject obvious facts? No one rejects … Continue reading

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Generational Gap

It seems to me… Americans, in general, seem to have lost much of the drive and ambition which in previous generations characterized us as a nation.  Our high standards of living enabled the younger generation to have most of what … Continue reading

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It seems to me… My mirror lies. Photographs are a bit more truthful (which is why I do not like them nearly as much). The truth is undeniable – I’m getting old. As I approach my mid-70s, I haven’t any … Continue reading

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