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Race To Mediocrity

It seems to me… Successful businesses all too often, regardless of their field, quickly forget the reasons for their initial success. Under pressure from investors to create addition profits, they attempt to expand beyond their original base where they initially … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles

It seems to me… I like the overall concept of electric vehicles but at least for now, think they primarily are appropriate for government or local utility companies rather than providing general family transportation needs. Once available, improvements will come … Continue reading

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Deficit Spending

It seems to me… Perhaps I’m a fiscal conservative but I agree with those demanding a balanced budget – at least to a certain extend – though for slightly different reasons than most advocates claim. Debt, contrary to many current … Continue reading

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Economic Discontinuity

It seems to me… What seems to have been overlooked in the current debate over how to improve our economy and lower the unemployment rate is that the recent recession resulted in an extensive change to our economy that politicians … Continue reading

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