Half-truths, Misrepresentations, and Lies

It seems to me…

Corruption is worse than prostitution.  The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.”  ~ Karl Kraus.

While most candidates for public office initially believe in the high principles and ideals typifying an elected position, they all-too-quickly accept that campaign donations are most easily obtained from the highest bidder for their services and wantonly prostitute themselves in self-deceptive rationalization that what they are doing is in the general electorate’s best interests.  How can we deceive ourselves into believing our political system to be anything but corrupt when our elected representatives openly solicit bribes from corporate lobbyists selling their votes for whatever they can get rather than for what their conscience tells them is right and best for our country?

The revolving door separating government and private employment exemplifies the interrelationships and opportunities available to those willing to exploit personal contacts made while in the other sector.  While working in aerospace, it was all too obvious that many managers were hired for who rather than what they knew.  While they might have been excellent military officers, many of them were incompetent corporate executives and retained their positions only for their contacts.

Everything today seems to be half-truths, misrepresentations, untruths, distortions, or just out-right lies – and it can be very difficult to tell which is which.  If you believe half of what you hear from the majority of politicians, you might be interested in buying a certain bridge…  Unfortunately, it has been shown we are not so much interested in learning what might actually be true as we are in being told what supports our currently beliefs.  Still, all of us (myself included) need to listen more closely to what we are told and consider just how much fits into any of the above categories.

We need to more carefully check facts prior to taking a stand and advocating them.  Bending facts to fit one’s preferred political beliefs, whether by the left or right, is unacceptable.  Today, the rightwing dominated media is waging war on America (the leftwing chooses to meekly ignore this reality).  Extremists such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the News Corporation media empire funded by people like Keith Rupert Murdoch provide a totally distorted view of our country (and are an embarrassment to reputable news reporting).  Unfortunately, most people chose to let the media do their thinking for them and blindly believe what they see and hear on network TV.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler in 1937 stated his political intentions – and the world was in denial.  Conservatives, beginning with Henry Kissinger’s Harvard PhD dissertation, stated their intent to eliminate all social welfare programs through a policy termed “starving the beast”.  If you consider the policies of the GWBush administration, you can see this was their actual motivation: two inadvisable tax cuts, two unfunded wars … drive up the deficit to force social change.  Now, the primary goal of rightwing extremists is not to create jobs or restore our economy but to defeat Obama’s bid for reelection and continue in their apparent efforts to turn back the clock to where the U.S. once again has become an agrarian-dependent nation.  They have waged unmitigated class-warfare decimating the middle class and benefitting only the wealthiest in country to where we now have – by far – the widest income disparity separating the top 5 percent and the remaining majority of the U.S. population when compared to any other modern industrial nation.

I do not agree or am sympathetic with much of the Occupy Wall Street Movement but understand what motivates much of their anger.

That’s what I think, what about you?

About lewbornmann

Lewis J. Bornmann has his doctorate in Computer Science. He became a volunteer for the American Red Cross following his retirement from teaching Computer Science, Mathematics, and Information Systems, at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO. He previously was on the staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, Stanford University, and several other universities. Dr. Bornmann has provided emergency assistance in areas devastated by hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. He has responded to emergencies on local Disaster Action Teams (DAT), assisted with Services to Armed Forces (SAF), and taught Disaster Services classes and Health & Safety classes. He and his wife, Barb, are certified operators of the American Red Cross Emergency Communications Response Vehicle (ECRV), a self-contained unit capable of providing satellite-based communications and technology-related assistance at disaster sites. He served on the governing board of a large international professional organization (ACM), was chair of a committee overseeing several hundred worldwide volunteer chapters, helped organize large international conferences, served on numerous technical committees, and presented technical papers at numerous symposiums and conferences. He has numerous Who’s Who citations for his technical and professional contributions and many years of management experience with major corporations including General Electric, Boeing, and as an independent contractor. He was a principal contributor on numerous large technology-related development projects, including having written the Systems Concepts for NASA’s largest supercomputing system at the Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. With over 40 years of experience in scientific and commercial computer systems management and development, he worked on a wide variety of computer-related systems from small single embedded microprocessor based applications to some of the largest distributed heterogeneous supercomputing systems ever planned.
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9 Responses to Half-truths, Misrepresentations, and Lies

  1. berlioz1935 says:

    Thanks for describing the political situation of United States to us. It is not much different here in Australia. News Corporation is waging war on the elected government. They own 70% of the print media, plus TV channels. They are telling the people the government is in a big mess and is unable to govern properly. And, People believe it. The government is passing bills but have to constantly answer question about infighting. The conservative party, called “Liberals” wants a fresh election because the present government is in a minority and governs with the help of some independents. They all act according to Goebell’s principal , that if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it is the truth.

    “Mein Kampf” was written in 1924 while imprisoned at Landsberg Castle, first published in 1925 and 1926 in two parts. But you are right he laid out his plans for all to read. Why were the people not alarmed? I have no real idea. They probably were still in shock from the loss and circumstances of WW 1.


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    • lewbornmann says:

      Thank you… I always appreciate comments and feedback. There is so much to learn and so little time.
      “I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.” ~ Eartha Kitt.


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    • lewbornmann says:

      Time spent learning is time well spent. I write about what is of interest rather than from an agenda so am enjoying what I do. It actually has been quite a surprise that anyone considers my comments and opinions worthwhile — that was not my original intent. Hopefully all of us can learn together and make life’s journey more worthwhile. Take care…


  4. URL says:

    Hey! Great stuff, please keep us posted when you post something like that! 597147


    • lewbornmann says:

      Thank you. While it is difficult to every comment, I normally try to do so. If you are interested in my postings, it is possible to subscribe and receive automatic notifications of all updates.


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    • lewbornmann says:

      Thank you. The average age of those replying to my postings seems to depend upon the subject. For several of my postings, the average age appears to be in their early twenties.


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