What To Expect From A Trump Presidency

It seems to me….

I think I am, actually humble. I think I’m much more humble than you would understand. ~ Donald Trump, 60 Minutes interview, 17 July 2016.

Donald Trump was inaugurated with the lowest recorded approval rating of any President in the final days before first entering office primarily due to his compulsive need to be at the center of attention, his response to any perceived slight with a juvenile putdown, his petulance and vindictiveness, his chronic boastfulness, and his non-stop belligerence.

President Obama was everything Donald Trump is not. Trump is nothing more than a spoiled child, a schoolyard bully who attempts to gain his way through intimidation and name-calling rather than logic or reason. Similar attempts in international relations would not only be reprehensible but extremely perilous. China, for example, is not only a very proud nation where honor and saving face is considered extremely important, it has the second highest GDP of any nation (and possibly could surpass the U.S. this year), is the most populous nation in the world, is an important U.S. trading partner, holds large amounts of U.S. debt – and is nuclear armed. Additionally, the U.S. depends on China’s cooperation in its relations with other South Pacific nations.

His demeanor and limited intelligence is in direct contrast to Obama’s. It is surprising the Christian-Right would ever consider accepting, much less endorsing, him – he is morally corrupt: married three times, bragged about his many affairs, stated he hasn’t any need for God’s forgiveness…. This is in direct contrast to President Obama who set a high example for any Christian: strong religious beliefs, high moral standards, devoted husband and father….

Trump toyed with people’s prejudices alienating people of color and non-Christians by encouraging white nationalistic bigots and anti-Semites[1]. He threatens to be a radical President who promised during his campaign to rescind treaties, overturn laws, jail his opponents, and sue critics. He has debased veterans, dodged his taxes, exaggerated his philanthropy, skimmed over policy, and flouted the truth. He is suspicious of governing elites, in denial of anthropogenic global warming, opposed to open immigration, resistant to free trade, international entanglements, gun control, abortion, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He is the operator of bankrupt casinos, promoter of international beauty contests, and the star of a long-running television show. And he now is President of the United States of America – God help us.

He claimed in campaign speeches that Democrats talked about saving American manufacturing jobs but they kept disappearing, about lifting impoverished children out of poverty but have not, to heal political divisions but polarization has increased, and to eliminate terrorism but it has spread and the average person now feels less secure. Some aspects of his claims are admittedly true but what he has always failed to mention is that the economy has doubled in the last eight years, that technology has virtually exploded, that Pax-Americana has been the longest period without war since the Roman Empire – over 70 years, and that we are essentially living in the time of a second Gutenberg revolution of rapidly expanding media and information availability.

Some expect Trump’s opposition to immigration will have a ripple effect through the tech industry. He plans to scale back the H-1B visa program which is critical to many high-tech companies finding talent needed to develop products and services that today exist only in some entrepreneur’s imagination. Since the U.S. fails to produce the number of qualified graduates required, the tech industry needs an expansion of programs enabling the immigration of high-skilled workers, particularly immigrants well educated in STEM, but that won’t happen in the Trump administration. There’s also a chance that Trump will restrict the H-1B visas that many companies in the tech industry rely on to attract that talent – policies that will be a problem for tech companies that are a major component of our economy. As a candidate, Trump also attacked many taxation and trade policies that supposedly encouraged tech companies to outsource production overseas.

After he appoints a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman, the first thing on the docket will be to repeal FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Open Internet Order, also known as Net neutrality. The second will be to repeal Wheeler’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) privacy rules, which limit how ISPs can use and sell customer data. While these changes would enable principle ISPs to increase profits, it would result in higher consumer service costs and eliminate many currently available popular options.

As for business acumen, I’m originally from Atlantic City, NJ, and have seen firsthand what type of person he is. He is as totally corrupt in his business dealings as in every other aspect of his life. He lies and cheats everyone with whom he deals: suppliers, merchants, employees. Consider his supposed “university”, the possible bribery attempts of two state Attorney Generals, or his refusal to release his income tax returns.

Possible his worse and most negative trait is that he also is a pathological liar apparently incapable of differentiating between truth and falsehood. Over eighty percent of his campaign statements were total fabrications (Check any FactChecker review.)

President Obama was an eloquent speaker whereas, similar to GW Bush, Trump is unable to articulate a complete thought. After watching ALL the debates, it became impossible to not became extremely irritated by his constantly repeated statements; how everything he plans will be “huge”, and how great he is. What he is is an unmitigated egotistical ass totally unconcerned about anyone or anything other than himself. While he might have won the election in the electoral college, it should be remembered that a large majority of the voters voted against him. His election will always be tainted by possible Russian government voter influence and inappropriate FBI involvement.

While it still is too soon to know how he will be as President, based not only on what he has publicly said but also on his cabinet and advisor selection, there is little commonality upon which to agree with him. Regardless, he now is the U.S, President and we can only hope he will not be as bad as we fear (though we fear he could in fact be much worse).

That’s what I think, what about you?

[1] Drehkem David Von. Message Delivered, Time, 21 November 2016, pp28-41.


About lewbornmann

Lewis J. Bornmann has his doctorate in Computer Science. He became a volunteer for the American Red Cross following his retirement from teaching Computer Science, Mathematics, and Information Systems, at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO. He previously was on the staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, Stanford University, and several other universities. Dr. Bornmann has provided emergency assistance in areas devastated by hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. He has responded to emergencies on local Disaster Action Teams (DAT), assisted with Services to Armed Forces (SAF), and taught Disaster Services classes and Health & Safety classes. He and his wife, Barb, are certified operators of the American Red Cross Emergency Communications Response Vehicle (ECRV), a self-contained unit capable of providing satellite-based communications and technology-related assistance at disaster sites. He served on the governing board of a large international professional organization (ACM), was chair of a committee overseeing several hundred worldwide volunteer chapters, helped organize large international conferences, served on numerous technical committees, and presented technical papers at numerous symposiums and conferences. He has numerous Who’s Who citations for his technical and professional contributions and many years of management experience with major corporations including General Electric, Boeing, and as an independent contractor. He was a principal contributor on numerous large technology-related development projects, including having written the Systems Concepts for NASA’s largest supercomputing system at the Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. With over 40 years of experience in scientific and commercial computer systems management and development, he worked on a wide variety of computer-related systems from small single embedded microprocessor based applications to some of the largest distributed heterogeneous supercomputing systems ever planned.
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2 Responses to What To Expect From A Trump Presidency

  1. auntyuta says:

    ” . . . he now is the U.S, President and we can only hope he will not be as bad as we fear (though we fear he could in fact be much worse).”

    I reckon he should not have been a candidate in the first place. Now we have to wait and see.


  2. Kayrene Coddington says:

    I read all of your columns and enjoy them thoroughly, but this one really struck the nail on the head, so to speak! I am still in shock with the realization that our country elected Trump as our President. The contrast between Obama & Trump could not be greater! I did not realize how many gullible and truly ignorant voters lived in this country. They clearly were terrified of having a female President, even though Hillary was absolutely more qualified than most of our previous candidates for President. The political climate right now literally makes me sick to my stomach & I am now getting actively involved in the movement to impeach Trump before he destroys our country.

    Many thanks for expressing the facts so accurately and clearly.


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