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Toward A Better Tomorrow

It seems to me…. “I’m a Progressive. Much in the same way our founding fathers – who, oddly enough, wouldn’t get elected today – were Progressives.” ~ Will Ferrell[1]. The U.S. is the midst of a difficult transition between the … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles

It seems to me… I like the overall concept of electric vehicles but at least for now, think they primarily are appropriate for government or local utility companies rather than providing general family transportation needs. Once available, improvements will come … Continue reading

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Gutenberg Globalization

It seems to me… Most of the discussion related to how best to reduce our current high unemployment rate always seems predicated on the assumption that it primarily resulted from the near-total collapse of the home mortgage market. While the … Continue reading

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Conceptual Responsibility

It seems to me… Political campaigns all too frequently dredge up candidate’s statements made many years in the past in an effort to disparage an opponent. This is unfair regardless of the side responsible. Not one of us is the … Continue reading

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